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Interactive Stories is proud to help promote the work of Wayne Densley, the creator of the fabulous Chronicles of Arborell. The Chronicles are a collection of interactive fantasy adventures, and the first in a series of books that trace the legendary stories of Arborell. Tens of thousands have already downloaded and played these adventures - you should too!

If you have ever read a book and thought: Well, I would have done it this way, or I wouldn’t have done that! Here’s your chance to put that to the test. Please don't forget to rate your adventures and give us your feedback - Wayne will appreciate it!


Windhammer Special Edition
In a world on the brink of a war of annihilation a condemned man is given one chance to save himself and his people. Sent by his sworn enemies on a mission to find a legendary fortress, he must delve deep within its labyrinths to restore the one power that can save them all. Through the wilds of Arborell and the dark corridors of Stoneholme, it is only cunning and skill that will keep him alive. In this book you are that hero, it is your choices that will determine either success or failure. Windhammer is a 415 section interactive fantasy adventure, the first in a series of books that trace the most legendary stories of Arborell. The Special Edition includes 155 new sections, multiple story paths, new colour map, improved character sheets and a revised rule system.

The Inquisitor's Lament
To be a Seeker of Truth can be a lonely and sometimes dangerous profession. For the Tak Malleus Lovar the responsibilities and traditions of the Guild are his life. That is until he finds reason to question their purpose. Upon the frontiers of the known world he uncovers a question that leads to mystery and a deadly secret. One that propels him southward on a quest to find a man, once thought dead, but now his only hope. Only then can the Tak Lovar stop the folly of the Guild from destroying them all. The Inquisitor's Lament is the first book in the Chronicles Companion Series, a range of associated books that tell the stories of characters and events that have shaped the world within which you must travel. In the course of your adventures you will meet many characters and be told of great events that have changed the histories of the Four Nations. The Companion Series tells these stories from the perspective of the characters themselves, and gives the reader the opportunity to delve as deeply as they may wish into the background of each gamebook adventure.

Honour amongst thieves will be the second in this series and will be available shortly.

Blood and Iron Web Serial
Mallen and Tomas Cael are brothers, simple men living a quiet life upon the settled fringes of the world. It is an existence that fate has determined cannot continue. In a tempest of fire and death their humble lives are shattered, a single night of violence propelling them both on a path to adventure, one they cannot escape.

From the fires of their burning home one brother is taken into slavery; the other left to grieve the loss, and then take action to rescue him. For Mallen Cael it is the beginning of a long, hard road as he finds himself in pursuit of his brother's captors. It is a road that will take him from the smouldering ruins of his home to the lands of his enemies, and ultimately to the icy ruination of the Clavern'Sigh.

Blood and Iron is the story of two brothers and the strength that can be found in kinship. It is a journey that reaches from vast subterranean forests to the high plateaux of snow-capped mountain ranges and beyond. This adventure follows Mallen Cael on his quest to recover his brother from the hands of a mortal enemy, and it is on this journey that he discovers the true nature of his world.

More About Wayne ...
Wayne is married with three children, and lives on the South Coast of New South Wales in Australia. His main interests revolve around writing interactive fantasy (which you probably have already guessed) science fiction and fantasy movies, astronomy and space travel. Wayne lives about 100 meters from some of the best beaches in the world - but he hasn't been in the water for nearly a decade! He has worked in adult education and training, software engineering. Currently, a lot of his activities now revolve around taking care of his oldest son who is intellectually disabled.