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Worlds Of Fantasy Trade Paperbacks

You want to get published? Put your writing to the test!

We are not a traditional publisher. We may sell other publisher's books and we may even publish another trade-paperback anthology of highly-rated stories some day, but not for the foreseeable future.

What we do want to do is provide a few authors with a place to show off their work. They can provide a link to their own page, their publisher's page, an Amazon page, or any other page selling their work. So, basically, we provide writers with an outlet to have their work seen. We have been doing this a while and we've had over 500,000 visits to this site. Readers also have the opportunity to rate stories so authors can request ratings for feedback purposes.

Authors must have rights to their own work (if you have a publisher, get permission to use a short story or novel excerpt. You may want to explain that they can utilize our site as a free advertising tool.

We can take nearly any file format, but please try to email a PDF file as clean and "finished" as possible - we simply do not have a lot of time to edit stories.

The only rights we request are to post the work on our site. You can request we take the story (or stories) off any time and we have no further rights to the work. CLICK HERE to email. When the email window opens, attach your file and a story blurb, any link to your work, any questions you may have, your publisher's information, etc.

By submitting any story, the author hereby represents and warrants that he/she is the sole author of the Work; that the Work is original; that the Work does not infringe upon any copyright or proprietary right, common law or statutory law; and does not contain any material of a libelous nature, or violation of privacy rights; that the Work is not in the public domain, and that the Work has not been published in any format with any company that may still own proprietary rights to the Work (unless that party has given the author permission); that the Author holds the full power and authority to grant these rights. The author agrees to hold harmless against any claim, demand, action, suit, proceeding, or any expense whatsoever arising from claims or infringement of copyright or proprietary right, or claims of libel, obscenity, invasion of privacy, or any other unlawfulness based upon or arising out of the publication or any matter pertaining to the work.